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CSOD consulting

We are well aware that running a jog is a demanding full-time job - without a single day off. So it's worth taking advantage of existing solutions from CSOD consulting. Why is it worth it? They will help you optimize performance, take care of HR and project management, accelerate learning and development, also take care of data security, optimize campaigns and ensure good profits regardless of budget.

Skincare cosmetics

In our store we have to offer face serum and hand cream. Our products are perfect as skincare cosmetics for people who like to take care of their skin. The cosmetic products we offer contain the best ingredients that will give a healthy glow to the complexion and a beautiful appearance. In addition, they will make the skin look nourished and moisturized.

Qualification of equipment

The GMP requirements include a number of guidelines for the standards that a packaging line must meet before the production process can begin. Equipment qualification, which is offered by our company, allows us to verify the technical condition and parameters of individual equipment and confirm its full capacity for safe and uninterrupted operation.

Smoke generator

The smoke generator is called the heart of the device for a reason. Its task is the proper burning of the wood chips and the operation of the smoker itself. The models available in our offer will allow you to prepare a beautiful and juicy piece of meat right in your garden. They are equipped with housings covered with alu-zinc, so they perform well in high temperatures.

Car wrap Manchester

Do you want to freshen up the look of your vehicle? Then choose our car wrap in Manchester! We offer a wide variety of services including autowrapping, a fast and easy transformation of vehicles using top-quality films performed by experienced and professional staff. Choose your favourite colour or style and let us transform your automobile!

Smoke generator

Have you ever wondered where the beautiful color on food comes from? You see, it's all due to the right tempeature but also the combustion process itself. The most important rule of thumb is not to allow a large dominant flame of fire. Our smoke generator makes sure that chips burn because of the right temperature, so you don't have to worry about the black color of the resulting food.

Skin clinic Bolton

Nowadays, the use of appearance-enhancing treatments is widespread. Our skin clinic is located in Bolton and offers treatments that include lip fillers, vitamin B12 injections, anti-aging and fat dissolving injections, and dermal fillers. Prices for aesthetic treatments vary depending on the time spent and the material used.

Grease trap bacteria

Designed to separate fats, oils, and grease from wastewater before it enters public sewers – a grease trap. Bacteria thrive in wet conditions; therefore, such a device is the perfect place for them to get the work done. A good quality bio-treatment is safe to use and ensures that your plumbing system is running efficiently. The micro-organisms break down and digest all solid waste, preventing FOG from blocking and causing bad odours. We offer a wide range of products which are DCC & Irish Water Approved – check them out.

Wasp control Dublin

Our experts are able to help you in case of a cockroach problem. We offer quick, effective, and specialist pest control, treatment, and prevention services to protect you and the surrounding people. We work at both domestic and commercial premises, and offer competitive prices, as well as a 24-hour call answering service.

Tours in Ireland

Discover this beautiful country through VIP tours in Ireland. We offer a wide variety of options, from the South-West and up to the North. Fans of medieval architecture will be amazed to see our other itinerary which covers the most beautiful castles on the whole island. If you want to travel with family and friends, pick a private and custom experience.

Corporate coaching specialists

We are an innovation training faculty offering online courses delivered by nationally recognised thought-leaders. Click here to our corporate coaching specialists, who will introduce you into the world of teaching people useful skills. They are the true masters of not only UX design, but also teaching experiences creation. The team was brought together to share their knowledge, as they are authors of many books and established industry practitioners. You can meet them in many of our video courses!