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Grease traps for restaurants

A must-have for all commercial kitchens which prevents liquid FOG from entering your plumbing system! Forget about blockages and bad odours! We design, install, and maintain grease traps for restaurants, as well as cafes and bakeries, pubs, bars or any other Food Service Operator. We are focused on solving your problems and supply the right option irrespectively of your business size, its needs, and budget. Harness the potential of Taylormade, contact us, and enjoy the benefits of our solutions.

Software for gym

By using our invention, you prove to be modern and flexible and to care about the customer's comfort. Our software for gym is a collection of multiple tools that will facilitate your daily work, allow you to manage your staff and improve contact with the client. The customer, on their side, will be able to manage their subscription, make online payments, view the timetable and book visits. We also make e-commerce a lot easier: sell products online using a tool that you know very well! Contact us 24/7 for the technical support.

Shellac nails Dublin

Are you preparing for a special occasion, such as a wedding, a prom, or anything else? Or you simply like to be pampered from time to time and feel pretty? We have something special, an offer perfect just for you: check out our Shellac nails in Dublin, at In Vogue beauty salon. Here you can book a manicure appointment done by licensed and awarded professionals. We also offer pedicures and a range of relaxing foot treatments. Check our website to see the whole list of available treatments and book and appointment.

Corporate coaching specialists

We are an innovation training faculty offering online courses delivered by nationally recognised thought-leaders. Click here to our corporate coaching specialists, who will introduce you into the world of teaching people useful skills. They are the true masters of not only UX design, but also teaching experiences creation. The team was brought together to share their knowledge, as they are authors of many books and established industry practitioners. You can meet them in many of our video courses!

Wall removal

Whether you want a new window or a door opening, or simply want to reconfigure your home layout and transform certain rooms into open plan living, give us a call for further information and a free quote. Our professional wall removal services are carried out by a highly skilled team of tradespeople and engineers who have considerable experience in the field. All the works are done efficiently, quickly, and safely. We also offer lintel replacements, garage conversions, home extensions, and much more.

Profhilo treatment

Is old age getting to your skin? Check our Profhilo treatment! It will help you regain you youthful appearance and feel confident again. Our practitioners are experienced and well-versed in the subject. The procedure is harmless and do not cause any pain to our clients, during or after. This skin tightening method is very advanced - the results will be visible after just a few days. All the prices are visible on pir website - you do not have to look out for any hidden payments. Come to Dublin, Belfast or Galway!

Antigen test Cork

It requires a swab taken from the back of the nose as a sample and after assessment, it indicates the presence of COVID-19 in the body within just 15 minutes. Often called rapid, the antigen test we offer in Cork is a helpful diagnostic tool that is CE marked and with a sensitivity of 97.56% and specificity of >99.9%. It is most commonly used by people who live, work or learn in a group setting, as it can prevent the spread of the virus. Moreover, it is even accepted by some countries for travel.

Removal company

Planning to relocate for a new job? Moving to a nice, spacious house with your family? Some may find it exciting, while others may find it rather stressful. No matter what your attitude is, one thing is certain. Moving to a new place is always a great challenge! Our removal company is at your service. We have more than 4 decades of experience in helping our clients relocate. You can count on us from the very beginning of the whole process. We will plan everything according to your needs and make sure that all your belongings arrive safely at their destination. Call us for a free quote!