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Profhilo treatment

Is old age getting to your skin? Check our Profhilo treatment! It will help you regain you youthful appearance and feel confident again. Our practitioners are experienced and well-versed in the subject. The procedure is harmless and do not cause any pain to our clients, during or after. This skin tightening method is very advanced - the results will be visible after just a few days. All the prices are visible on pir website - you do not have to look out for any hidden payments. Come to Dublin, Belfast or Galway!

Antigen test Cork

It requires a swab taken from the back of the nose as a sample and after assessment, it indicates the presence of COVID-19 in the body within just 15 minutes. Often called rapid, the antigen test we offer in Cork is a helpful diagnostic tool that is CE marked and with a sensitivity of 97.56% and specificity of >99.9%. It is most commonly used by people who live, work or learn in a group setting, as it can prevent the spread of the virus. Moreover, it is even accepted by some countries for travel.

Biohazard cleaning

Washing surfaces seems like a very simple activity, but some situations are better to be left to professionals with specialized tools. One of them is biohazard cleaning, which consists in removing various substances that can be potentially dangerous to our health. This includes body fluids such as faeces, blood, or vomit. This type of service is often associated with places where a crime or another unpleasant situation has recently occurred - for example, a late-discovered death of a family member.

Vaillant boiler

We all know how high some of the bills for heating might me. Especially in case when we experience long and cold winter, the cost of heating might be very high - and a lot of people will struggle to pay it. Some of you might even reduce the temperature in your rooms on purpose as you simply can’t afford such bills. Vaillant boiler might be a solution fo you! Changing your old system into a new one can allow you to have more comfort for a better price. Our products are efficient and keep the costs low.

Bathroom design

When it comes to taking a shower or staying in hot water in a comfortable tub, it is about so much more than just washing up. Often it is time for relaxing, taking a break and either preparing yourself to sleep or to start a new day! Bathroom design is an important issue as you have to have a nice surroundings in order to relax properly. Our company allows you to choose the right design and have it implemented in just a couple of days! Thanks to our wide variety, everyone will choose the right option for them!

Removal company

Planning to relocate for a new job? Moving to a nice, spacious house with your family? Some may find it exciting, while others may find it rather stressful. No matter what your attitude is, one thing is certain. Moving to a new place is always a great challenge! Our removal company is at your service. We have more than 4 decades of experience in helping our clients relocate. You can count on us from the very beginning of the whole process. We will plan everything according to your needs and make sure that all your belongings arrive safely at their destination. Call us for a free quote!

Water pipe installation

Are you moving into a new house? Or maybe finally planning to replace an old, worn-out main? Check out our offer! We are a family-run company and have more than 30 years of experience in water pipe installation and maintenance. We use modern digging equipment (if necessary) and safe, durable materials (MDPE). Sudden emergency? Utility bills becoming suspiciously high? Unpleasant smell coming from the drain? Do not wait until it is too late! Feel free to call our dedicated, 24/7 service and book an appointment.