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Water pipe installation

Are you moving into a new house? Or maybe finally planning to replace an old, worn-out main? Check out our offer! We are a family-run company and have more than 30 years of experience in water pipe installation and maintenance. We use modern digging equipment (if necessary) and safe, durable materials (MDPE). Sudden emergency? Utility bills becoming suspiciously high? Unpleasant smell coming from the drain? Do not wait until it is too late! Feel free to call our dedicated, 24/7 service and book an appointment.

Vaillant boiler

We all know how high some of the bills for heating might me. Especially in case when we experience long and cold winter, the cost of heating might be very high - and a lot of people will struggle to pay it. Some of you might even reduce the temperature in your rooms on purpose as you simply can’t afford such bills. Vaillant boiler might be a solution fo you! Changing your old system into a new one can allow you to have more comfort for a better price. Our products are efficient and keep the costs low.